Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My passion is to graduate high school with a A average and go onto a great college. I don't know what I am going for yet but I am looking for something that I will really enjoy and have a great time doing. I am very passionate about playing basketball also. Basketball is a great sport it allows you to meet people, get exercise and have a good time. When I get out of college I want to have a very good job that supports me and eventually my family. My biggest passion out of all of them is my family. I support all of my family members and everything they do because when I'm not supporting them they support me. Those are my biggest passions in life.


  1. What great passions :) It's nice to hear a young guy talk about how much he loves his family and how much they mean to him. Just wanted to say that i think its wonderful that you have so many good passions in life and you know what you wanna do and who you wanna be.

  2. Hey David,
    I'm a student from Burlington, Massachusetts. I wish i could graduate with all A's! As for sports, I also played basketball. It was really easy to make friends and most of my memories are from sports. I share that goal of getting a good job after college and being able to live on my own. Where are you looking at colleges?